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Our CBD Journey

Our story is the one filled with skepticism, incessant optimism and wild desire to push forward.

We have first learned about the wonders of CBD or cannabidiol through listening to science podcasts.

At first it was but a trickle, a comment here or there about the fact that a hemp plant contains more than just THC.

That it’s full potential is somewhat hampered and limited by the focus on the obvious way to get “high” and “relax”.

Coming from the plant that has been instrumental to ushering Age of Sail by the virtue of ropes that has supported the mighty sails.

It felt like boxing this marvelous plant in is somewhat myopic.

How can something so widespread and adaptable be so confined?

So, we invite you to come on a journey of discovery, trial and error in order to find and try the best CBD products available.

Or, maybe, help us make and develop some new best ones.

One thing we pledge to you, our friends, is that we will always listen and do our best to provide you with quality and relaible product.   

With Love,

Natal Queen Team